Application for Service

Pickwick Electric Cooperative is a non-profit member/owned electric utility system that provides electric service to its members. To apply for service, please print out and complete the application for membership.

Applicants currently residing within PEC’s service area need to apply in person to obtain membership.

Applicants who live outside PEC’s service area may apply in person, mail or fax completed form, along with two forms of ID to:

Pickwick Electric Cooperative, Office Dept.
P.O. Box 49
Selmer, TN 38375

Fax: 731 434-0577

At least one ID’s needs to be a state issued driver’s license and the second can be either a Social Security card or Federal Employer Identification Number.

Applications may be brought to the office in person between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Initial Fees

Membership – A five-dollar ($5.00) membership fee is required of every member. This fee is returned to the member when all service accounts are closed.

Deposit – The residential deposit amount is based on your credit history and is supplied by Equifax. Applications returned with a beacon score of 681 or higher are not required to make a deposit. All others are based on the higher of:

  1. Two times the average monthly bill at the residence.
  2. $200 (Minimum for deposit if no billing history exists).

Example:  If an average monthly bill is $175 (2 x $175 = $350).
The deposit would be the higher of $350 or $200.  In this case the deposit is $350.

Meter Set Fee – The initial connection fee is $35

When service is discontinued deposits will be returned by either applying the amount to the final bill or by check. PEC reserves the right to choose the method of repayment.

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