Service Practice Policies

Information to Consumers

It is the policy of Pickwick Electric Cooperative to furnish information to consumer-members on service rates, rules, policies, and regulations. Such information relative to rendering electric service will be provided at the time of application for service, upon request, and will also be made available on the website at to both member-consumers and prospective member-consumers.

Pickwick Electric Cooperative will also provide to active member-consumers or former member-consumers information on their accounts with regard to billing data for up to twelve months proceeding such request. In order to assure that information will be provided only to authorized persons, billing information and payment record requests must be in writing or made in person at the Cooperative’s general office.

When a rate action is initiated by Pickwick Electric Cooperative, the consumers will be informed through print media and the website.

Membership Fees and Security Deposits

Membership Fees

Membership fees shall be collected in accordance with Article I of the Cooperative By-laws.

Security Deposits (residential)

A security deposit will not be required if residential applicant has twenty four (24) consecutive months prior service with Pickwick Electric Cooperative without paying late on more than seven documents as determined by Cooperative customer records.

If the account does not have enough history to determine this, a credit check will be submitted to determine the amount of deposit needed by the applicant.  A score of 670 or higher will require no deposit.  A score below 670 will require a deposit equal to two times the highest bill at the service location where the request for service has been made. If there is not enough data to determine the actual usage, an estimate will be made by the cooperative for the purpose of determining the deposit amount.

A security deposit shall be collected in advance of connecting any service that requires a deposit.

Security Deposits (commercial)

PEC will nominate accounts that require at least $2,000 of coverage for approval into the TVPPA Credit Insurance program. We will submit a completed Credit Insurance Program Application on behalf of the customer.  Once the account is approved, an invoice will be sent to Pickwick Electric Cooperative and the account is covered and our deposit requirements will be satisfied.

If the account is rejected, a security deposit equal to 2 months estimated highest bill will be required from the applicant.  The security deposit can be in the form of cash, irrevocable letter of credit, CD, or surety bond.

Any applicant requesting service that owes a past due bill, shall be required to pay the balance of the past due bill plus a deposit as set forth above prior to connection.

Interest on Security Deposits

The Cooperative Board of Directors shall determine the interest rate to be paid on deposits.  The interest rate applied will be at least the rate of interest earned on PEC’s primary bank account.  Interest will commence upon receipt and will be accrued and credited annually to the consumer’s electric bill.

Refunding Membership Fees and Security Deposits

Membership fees, security deposits, and accrued interest will be refunded, or credited to member’s account when service is discontinued.  Security deposit interest will be computed from date of last accrual through date service was discontinued.

Residential security deposits will be refunded with interest after two (2) years provided the customer has not paid late on more than seven documents within the (2) year period as determined by Cooperative customer records.

If customer has paid late on more than seven documents after the initial refund time the deposit will not be refunded. The customer’s account will be reviewed annually until payment record is favorable to grant a refund.  The customer can request a review of their credit rating and deposit standing at any time.  The deposit balance and earned interest is subject to review by the customer and the Cooperative at any time.

Surety Bond, Bank Letter of Credit or Certificate of Deposit

Commercial and industrial customers, who are required to make a deposit in excess of $100.00, may provide the Cooperative with a Surety Bond, Irrevocable Bank Letter of Credit with automatic renewal, or Certificate of Deposit in the amount of the required deposit.  Any form of surety must provide a minimum thirty (30) days cancellation notice.

Billing and Collecting

All consumers shall be billed monthly, with bills being due a minimum of fifteen (15) days from date of bill. Thereafter, the gross amount will be due. The penalty will not exceed 5% of the bill amount that remains unpaid after the due date has passed. Failure to receive bill will not release customer from payment obligation. Bills paid on or before the final date of payment shall be payable at the net rates, but thereafter the gross rates shall apply, as provided in the Schedule of Rates and Charges. Should the final date for payment of the bill at the net rates fall on a Sunday or holiday, the business day next following the final date will be held as a day of grace for delivery of payment. Net rate remittances received by mail after the time limit for payment of said net rates will be accepted by Distributor if the incoming envelope bears United States Post Office date stamp of the final date for payment of the net amount or any date prior thereto.

The bills will provide an initial notification of termination of service if not paid within seven days of the due date. Accounts remaining not paid after seven (7) days past the due date that have paid late on less than 8 documents within the past 12 months will be given or mailed a letter extending the disconnect an additional week. A bill can consist of multiple documents, such as the electric bill, the penalty on that bill if late and an outdoor light if applicable. Accounts that have paid late on more than 7 documents within the last 12 months and accounts that have remained unpaid after the week extension will be disconnected after a separate notice of termination has been given by phone call two days prior to disconnect. The phone call will give the customer the phone number to call to discuss disconnection. A record of the call will be kept for two months after the call was made.

When the National Weather Service ( is predicting temperatures to stay below 32 degrees in excess of 12 hours or reach a high temperature in excess of 98 degrees for Selmer, TN the scheduled disconnections will be postponed until such time as the event ends.

Disconnection of an unpaid bill will be extended for one week from disconnection date upon receipt of a doctor’s statement on behalf of the customer stating that due to a medical condition the customer needs electric service to continue. This type of postponement will be limited to two times a year.

All such accounts disconnected for failure to pay billing when due shall be required to pay applicable service charges, and applicable Security Deposit for consumers of like classification before reconnection. Reconnections requested and made during other than normal office hours shall be made only upon the consumer agreeing to pay above charges, plus an after hours trip charge. The total amount must be collected prior to restoring service. Reconnections will be made between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays and holidays.

Cooperative personnel will be allowed to collect past due amounts when they are sent to disconnect service, however, the applicable trip charge fee will be added to the total amount due.

Payment of accounts may be made as follows:

  1.  In person at the Cooperative general office, 672 Highway 142, Selmer, Tennessee.
  2.  Depository for use other than regular working hours.
  3.  Credit card by telephone or through Pickwick Electric Cooperative’s website.
  4.  Electronic Funds Transfer through customer’s bank account.
  5.  Mail-must be postmarked by due date; otherwise, gross amount will be due

TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process

In the case of billing disputes or other service issues, the customer is expected to resolve the dispute by notifying and working with Pickwick Electric Cooperative.

If you have an issue or complaint that you have not been able to resolve with Pickwick Electric Cooperative, TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process may be able to help.

There are three ways to begin the process:

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