Storm Watch

Pickwick Electric Cooperative reminds you that storms and power lines can be a dangerous combination.

Tornadoes or high winds can mean downed power lines. And fallen power lines can be deadly.

If you see a power line lying on the ground, or if a tree falls on a line, STAY AWAY!! Always assume the line is energized. Remember — a tree on a power line can act as a conductor. That means you can be fatally wounded by touching only the tree. And if you try to help a victim of these circumstances, you could also be injured by touching either the victim or the tree.

If you see downed power lines, Pickwick Electric Cooperative recommends that you:

  • Keep a safe distance;
  • Send for help by calling the cooperative or 911;
  • Stand guard, if possible, to keep others away from danger.

Following these guidelines may save a life.

If high winds result in power outages, Pickwick Electric Cooperative will begin working to restore power as soon as safety conditions permit.

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