Things to Do Before Applying For New Service

Before a worksheet for new service can be started the applicant must have the following items or information:

  1. Obtain a sewer permit or letter stating that there is an approved existing sewer system (Please bring or fax a copy to the PEC office, (731-434-0577)
  2. Determine the primary type of heat (examples electric, gas, wood, etc.).
  3. Determine the tonnage of the heating and cooling unit to be installed.
  4. Determine the switchbox size in amps.
  5. Determine where switchbox (electrical panel) will be located. (Facing front of house determine if box will be located on the left side, right side, front or back).
  6. Get the 911 address for this location.
    • McNairy Co. call 731 645-3406 or 731 645-5911
    • Hardin Co. 731 925-6911
    • Chester Co. 731 989-2119
    • Hardeman Co. 731 658-3249
    • Alcorn Co. Miss. 662 286-7710
    • Tishomingo Co. Miss 662 423-7004.
  7. Find the name of the nearest neighbor as it appears on their electric bill.
  8. Stake off four corners of the house. Mobile Home must already be on lot.
  9. Determine if service will be overhead or underground. Some stipulations may apply.
  10. Print name of the person/contractor that will purchase wiring permit,
  11. If temporary service will be needed, print name and billing address
  12. Print name of person/contractor that will purchase wiring permit.
  13. Special note for mobile homes only. An installation decal must be affixed inside the electrical panel cover for the Deputy Electrical Inspector prior to inspection.

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